Jordan Taylor Abramovich


Timothy Charles Ward

Jordan Taylor Abramovich and Timothy Charles Ward

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Our Story

Tim and Jordan met at the University of Kansas in the spring of 2012 after a mutual friend introduced them (shout out to Noonan!). Their first official introduction was in the spring, but they'd exchanged looks before. Jordan was a frequent patron of The Bull (college bar) where Tim worked and had always thought he was handsome! Tim was the "door guy" at the bar and Jordan was underage, so she never said more than hello and quickly made her way into the bar after he waved her inside (with a sigh of relief!). Their first date was the annual Delta Chi Tom Jones party. The first date went so well, Jordan invited Tim to her sorority date party the following week. Unfortunately, they met at the end of their junior year, so they didn't have much time to get to know one another but they promised to keep in touch over the summer. Jordan went to San Francisco for an internship, and Tim went back to Chicago. They texted, called and Skyped every day and started dating over the summer. They both met back up at school for senior year and got to know each other's friends and family. After graduation, Tim went back to Chicago and Jordan followed. Tim and Jordan have lived in Chicago for five years. Tim is an avid bike rider and has (slowly) convinced Jordan to buy a bike of her own and explore the city together. They love checking out new restaurants and different neighborhoods in the city with their friends. They are so excited to be married in 2019!
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